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    1. Apaolo
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      I'm working on an extremely long and in-depth Mineplex Cake Wars Bedrock guide. If anyone is interested in helping, that would be sick.
    2. Apaolo
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      I bought an Imperial Crate, and then I got disconnected and lost it. I hope I can get it back.
      1. Paiynz
        Oct 30, 2020
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        Make a support ticket.
      2. Apaolo
        Oct 30, 2020
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        I did. They just said they would add it to their list of things to fix.
    3. Apaolo
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      You know that moment when Yoda skin approaches you and you destroy him! Yah, me neither.
      1. Shiv
        Dec 8, 2020
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        I do, I’ve done it. ;)
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    Hi. I'm a Mineplex player who likes to be epic.
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