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anna dot
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anna dot
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    1. Widestsinger
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      100th follower :)
    2. scarlet
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      i'm so sick of pretty, i want something true, don't you
      you just seem like your life's been a dream
      since the moment you opened your eyes
      all i know are the blossoms you grow
      but its awesome to see how you rise​
    3. scarlet
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      what could i do if i just knew it didn't need to be perfect?
      it just needed to be, and they let me be​
    4. scarlet
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      you're my forbidden fruit
      pretend that there's no rules
      i'm turning all the lights off tonight
      and spiraling into the abyss, losing myself

      there ain't no turning back
      addicted to the feeling like i'm caught in a trance
      it's like you flip a switch, your power over me
      is limitless and now all i can do is give in
      out of control

      risky, risky, why you test me?
      this is an emergency
      help me, help me, somebody stop me
      'cause i know i can't stop me
      getting closer and closer
      when i know i'm in danger
      need to get away from ya
      you're like the devil on my shoulder

      what's going on inside?
      there's a war i'm trying to fight
      since it opened my eyes
      i can't stop me, can't stop me, can't stop me​
    5. scarlet
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      i'm hearing all the alarms ring-a-ling
      they go off every time that we're face to face
      why is it so hard to resist?
      temptation sweet as honey, i know it's too late

      i feel it deep inside, i'm gonna lose the fight
      eventually i know that i'll be crossing the line
      i try warning myself, 'cause i'm in need of help
      can't hold me back, already standing right at the edge
      out of control

      oh i've been caught under the spot, spot, spotlight
      i wanna cave in to the dark side calling to me
      the ending's obvious, i know it's not right
      i can't stop me, can't stop me

      you pull mе over to the red, rеd, red line
      i can't escape it, you're my weakness and you're my vice
      in the shadows, you're the only highlight
      i can't stop me, can't stop me​
    6. scarlet
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      i know, love, it is such a funny thing
      a mystery allure, gotta get to know you more
      cause i, i can feel a real connection
      a supernatural attraction
      i got the feels for you

      you have stolen my heart
      never let it go
      lightning straight to my heart
      i got all the feels for sure
      yeah i got all the feels for you

      you got my attention so what's your intention
      tell me baby what's the deal
      one look and i know it, my eyes reveal
      that you give me the feels​
    7. Thenorn
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      romantic wall uwu
      1. View previous comments...
      2. anna dot
        anna dot
        Aug 18, 2022
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        omg what kind ??
      3. Thenorn
        Aug 18, 2022
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        ummm pointy sharp ones i'd say
      4. anna dot
        anna dot
        Aug 23, 2022
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        me too.
    8. anna dot
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      dance me to the end of the world
    9. scarlet
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      i feel your touch when i'm alone at night
      but it's just me who's holding tight
      and this life don't feel like you
      there's nothing left but these i love yous​
    10. scarlet
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      you make my heart beat faster than adrenaline
      you kiss away the pain of all the hell i'm in
      you're gonna make me better than i've ever been
      cause you're my medicine​
    11. scarlet
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      come just as you are to me
      don't need apologies
      know that you are worthy
      so open up your heart and just let it begin​
    12. scarlet
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      pain i hold back, can't live like that
      i made my peace with all of the sorrow
      and now i'm living for tomorrow​
    13. scarlet
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      and you squeeze my hands
      two times, three times
      and believe me i'll love you always
    14. scarlet
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      damn we got history
      shared every misery
      lived every victory
      we've got synergy
      if they hurt you they're hurting me
      that's just the way it be​
    15. scarlet
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      you set fire to my life
      and the feeling remains forever young​
    16. scarlet
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      i love how you gave up daily facts after just two days
      1. anna dot
        anna dot
        May 27, 2022
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        @dcdb daily fact #3
        i have bad memory
    17. anna dot
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      hi guys I am back again
      @dcdb daily fact #2
      brain scans can "light up" when a person is in love
      1. dcdb
        May 27, 2022
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        my brain needs a new bulb
    18. anna dot
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      hi guys i am doing this new daily challenge thing on my wall and i will be nominating @dcdb to join me

      hi okay so anyways ...
      @dcdb daily fact #1
      the average austrailian cat eats more fish per year than the average austrailian
    19. dcdb
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      1. anna dot
        anna dot
        May 22, 2022
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        reply to my thread ! >:((
    20. anna dot
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      hi besties
      1. Ranger_Maddie
        May 13, 2022
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