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    1. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Valentine's Day! <3
    2. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Chinese New Year! It's the year of the rabbit! <3
    3. Alphaflower16
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      Happy New Year! <3
    4. Alphaflower16
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      It is New Year's Eve! Today is the last day of 2022! <3
    5. Alphaflower16
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      Merry Christmas! <3
    6. Alphaflower16
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      It's Christmas Eve! <3
    7. Alphaflower16
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      It is Black Friday! If you are a Black Friday shopper, good luck finding those good deals before they are sold out! <3
    8. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Thanksgiving everyone! <3
    9. Alphaflower16
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      I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Halloween on Halloween! LOL! <3
    10. Alphaflower16
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      My voice seems to be back finally and I seem to be coughing a lot less! Yay!!! <3
    11. Alphaflower16
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      I had a sore throat Friday due to the temperature getting colder and then I lost my voice on Saturday combined with a lot of coughing. Sunday my throat was all better due to gurgling salt water on Saturday but my voice was still gone and my coughing fits were sticking around. Luckily, my parents told me that my voice sounded a lot better on Sunday than it did on Saturday so I think the salt water really did the trick in getting better faster. Yesterday and today my voice is still hoarse and I'm still coughing due to drainage, but I feel like each day I'm definitely feeling better! I absolutely HATE losing my voice so fingers crossed I will get my voice back sometime this week! <3
    12. Alphaflower16
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      I got my wisdom tooth taken out today! I went to the oral surgeon just to get X-rays taken to see how many wisdom teeth I have and it only showed the one I already know I have. So the oral surgeon said he can get the tooth out now if I wanted because wisdom teeth are easier to take out if they are already out than it would be if they were still underneath the gums. So they got it out in under one minute after some wiggling around. I got lightheaded afterwards due to anxiety, but other than that I feel good so far. Now I'm just preparing for the pain once the medicine wears off even though I will be taking Tylenol. LOL! <3
    13. Alphaflower16
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      Crazy story: Ever since Saturday morning, I started having pain in my upper left tooth in the back of the back. At first I thought it was nothing serious, but when I tried to eat breakfast I started to realize how painful it was to try to open my mouth wide enough to put food in my mouth. I then realized that something was wrong. I went to the dentist yesterday to get it checked out because I wasn't sure if I have TMJ syndrome since the symptoms seemed to add up. Turns out, my dentist found a wisdom tooth that was growing in that exact spot I was feeling pain it and he said that it is normal for wisdom teeth to affect your jaw due to the way it would grow and the lack of space the mouth tends to have to fit them. So I have to get find a surgeon who will take my insurance to get the tooth out. How crazy is that?
    14. Alphaflower16
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      We returned from our camping trip on Thursday! We tested out the new camper and it was really good! This camper is probably the best we've owned yet! The only complaint I have is that we got invested with flies both inside and outside the camper and we don't know how they managed to get inside. I ended up killing 11 flies on Monday and every time I think I'm about to kill the last fly, I would realize that it has a friend because then I would see one or two more nearby. It was driving us CRAZY! But other than the flies, the camping experience itself with the new camper was really good! Next time we'll just have to be more prepared for any insect invasion if we camp again! <3
    15. Alphaflower16
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      We got a new camper! The old one was nice but my dog was too big to move around inside and he couldn't move around very well. So we got a bigger camper with plenty of room for him to move around in as well as have more space to lay down. This one is similar to our old one but it is one of those kinds of campers that slide out to give you more space. We already sold our old one a few weeks ago and we had to wait for our new camper to be finished with repairs because it had some broken/missing things, but today we are picking it up! I can't wait to see it and give it a try when we go camping again! <3
    16. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Fourth of July! <3
    17. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! <3
    18. Alphaflower16
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      Today is the first day of Summer! <3
    19. Alphaflower16
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      Yesterday was Father's Day! <3
    20. Alphaflower16
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      I have returned from my camping trip everyone! It turned out to be a lot better than I expected! Even my dog loved it despite it being his very first camping trip in his life! The only complaint I have is that we got infested with tiny ants inside the camper. We are still stumped on how the ants got inside in the first place. I think its either we brought something in that already had ants or our camp spot had ant hills nearby and the ants came in from there. We had to throw out some food because the ants had gotten in them so we had to ant proof our food including the dog food because we saw some ants in his food bowl. Overall, I think I would like to go camping again! We came up with a plan on what mistakes we may have made so we can remember to avoid them next time and be more prepared for future invasions of pests. We even talked about possibly expanding since our camper is small just to start out since we've never owned a camper before. We started looking at bigger campers to see what is available and we will continue to discuss about upgrading if we come down to it especially since my dog is big and he had a bit of a struggle moving around in our small camper. <3
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