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    1. Alphaflower16
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      I forgot to post this yesterday after the party, but the gender of the new baby is going to be a boy! <3
    2. Alphaflower16
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      Im going to a gender reveal party today to find out whether or not my oldest brother's new baby is going to be a boy or a girl! That means that eventually I will be an aunt again for the 7th time! I am very excited to find out what it will be! <3
    3. Alphaflower16
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      Happy July 4th! <3
    4. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Canada Day to all Canadians! <3
    5. Alphaflower16
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      I have finally returned from my 3 day mini vacation! You will now be seeing me more normally again! <3
    6. Alphaflower16
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      I will be away for a 3 day mini vacation starting tomorrow so I wont be able to join the server until I get back. The hotel we will be staying at will have wifi, but I tend to not go on a lot of websites whenever Im not home and using the internet as I am very careful to not get hacked using public wifi. I will be leaving early tomorrow morning and heading home sometime Sunday so expect to see me back on Monday! <3
    7. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Father's Day! <3
    8. Alphaflower16
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      My mom and I found a tick in Samson's left ear! Whats ironic is that my dad put flea and tick medicine on him only a few weeks ago! Hopefully he doesnt get any diseases from the tick or at least that the tick wasnt carrying a disease! <3
    9. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Memorial Day! <3
    10. Alphaflower16
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      I am now level 99! <3
      1. Cheezeburgerfan
        May 17, 2019
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        Congrats! Just another month or two till level 100!
      2. Alphaflower16
        May 18, 2019
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        Ikr! Though it may take longer than a month or two tbh! Each level takes longer to reach than the last! XD
    11. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Mother's Day! <3
    12. Alphaflower16
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      Yesterday was a pretty close call weather-wise. We started off being under a tornado watch along with two other counties in my state. Then it escalated to a tornado warning to one county above my county along with a severe thunderstorm warning to my county, the other county, and the two counties we watch in the state next to us. The severe thunderstorm hit us pretty strong and I saw some trees fell in a few places nearby my house. Luckily no serious damage was done on my property other than the trash cans were blown across the yard! Thankfully the severe thunderstorm warning replaced my county from being under a tornado watch for the rest of the day! <3
    13. Alphaflower16
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      Today is my mom's birthday, tomorrow will be my birthday, and Saturday will be my dog Samson's 1st birthday! <3
    14. Alphaflower16
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      Happy April Fool's Day! <3
    15. Alphaflower16
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      Today was the funeral for my grandmother. I'm mostly okay and I think my dad and my uncle are okay too! <3
    16. Alphaflower16
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      My grandmother died last night peacefully in her sleep. Yesterday my uncle told my dad that her health was declining and he wasnt sure how much longer she had. I wasnt really surprised considering she was old and I was expecting any day to be her last. So my dad and I went over to see her in case that was going to be the last time we see her alive. Sure enough, we got the call this morning from my uncle saying she died. Im a little sad about it, but probably not as sad as I think I should be. She was my only grandparent I had left alive, so in a way that meant something to me. But as she changed throughout the years, I started not wanting to be around her because I felt she wasnt the same grandmother I used to know as a kid. Of course that didnt mean I stopped loving her! I still loved her, I just didnt want to be around someone who I didnt know anymore if that makes sense. Im mostly okay right now, but considering she was my dad's mom, idk how he and my uncle are going to handle it overtime. So if you happen to see me and Im not acting all that great or like myself, you will know why. <3
    17. Alphaflower16
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      I leveled up yesterday so now Im a level 98! <3
    18. Alphaflower16
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      Just so everyone knows, today we are having a high wind warning until 7:00 EST tomorrow morning so if I suddenly go off, then that most likely means the power went off. It already went off at least once at home so whose to say it wont happen again?
    19. Alphaflower16
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      Good news: Im 100% better now so next time you see me I should be myself again! <3
    20. Alphaflower16
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      Happy Valentine's Day! <3
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