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    1. Achiived
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      Turned 17 today! im spooked
    2. Achiived
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      Sketched up something :)! Should I take some requests from the community?

    3. Achiived
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      I dont remember block hunt being this scary
    4. Achiived
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      im alive
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    Avatar Art Made by: Me
    Banner Art Made by: Me

    Hi, My Name Is Emma!
    Other Aliases: Achiived, Emshi, and Chii !

    -| About Me |-
    Name: Emma
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'1"?
    SO And Status: Bi***ual and taken (2/25/2019)
    Birthday: July 13th

    -| Accounts |-
    IGN - Achiived
    Discord - Achiived#9248
    Insta - @itsemmaguys
    DeviantArt - Rainbowkitten94 (I made it when I was like idk 11 or something)
    Roblox: ItsAchiived
    I'm A Walking Meme That Makes Art
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