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    1. Achiived
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      - Officially leaving the MP community. I don't play on the server anymore and don't enjoy it either. If anyone is interested in keeping up with me I suggest just friending me on Enjin if you haven't (think of my enjin as a finsta that's partly active) or follow me on SM. You can also add me on Roblox (ItsAchiived) but that's about it. Thank you for the support and memories.
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    Avatar Art Made by: Me
    Banner Art Made by: Me

    Hi, My Name Is Emma!
    ! Other Aliases: Achiived, Emshi, and Chii !

    -| About Me |-
    No longer active in the MP community.

    -| Accounts |-
    IGN - Achiived
    Discord - Achiived#9248
    Art Insta - @achiived

    Roblox: ItsAchiived
    I'm A Walking Meme That Makes Art
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