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    1. Achiived
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      link to most recent speedpaint :)!
    2. Achiived
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      update: got my acceptance email this morning :)
    3. Achiived
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      I might've just gotten accepted in the college I wanted. I say wanted because I don't really have a dream college? This college is a satellite campus of the college I always wanted to go to but its practically brand new. Also I say might've because my status says admitted but this just happened in the past 4 days, and it took like 3 weeks for my transcript to get to them, so I'm waiting if it will take 3 weeks to get anything in the mail LOL.
    4. Achiived
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      Before I go dark again, I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday break! I'm gonna rip into those presents like it's an Olympic sport, man. However, also remember to be thankful to your family and be kind!
    5. Achiived
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      I disappeared off the face of Mineplex but hello
    6. Achiived
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      Hey~! I know a lot of you might be wondering when I'll be hosting GAs again as most of you guys came from those. Currently, I am unsure when. I will be finishing up a skin comp prize this weekend and then after that I want to focus on one of my biggest projects yet with a total of 4 characters, all extremely dynamic poses, as well as doing new elements such as drawing water, "energy" orbs, and possibly a reflection background. I know that might make no sense to some of you but trust me, I'm hyped for this piece and hope you will like it once it is posted. More information coming about it when I get passed the lining phase. Here is a very tiny screenshot of the navigator window of my 6000x5200 canvas~! I hope to post here again soon!! - Achiived
    7. Achiived
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      will be post of more of my art here relatively soon uwu
    8. Achiived
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      friendly reminder - if an artist does NOT want you editing/altering/cropping/or making changes to their art, then respect it and don't go against what they ask. i know many artist willing to make minor changes to their art if it isn't a big piece of the project, however doing it to your own accord without consulting the artist is really insulting. this is a little rant, and i know many of you are very respectful, but for those of you who just need a little reminder, here it is. PLEASE respect our work, us artist work hard to make pieces for some of you and really want you to be happy, but at the same time we also must keep our happiness and sanity in check lol
    9. Achiived
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      As this is the second time this happened, I will now be placing a "auto prize" system for winners. I will always be the one to DM the winner, so do not worry about having to DM as there is NO claiming system. All winners are ensured their prize. However, due to my time being important, I have to choose the best approach when it comes to prizes. This "auto-prize" system will basically be me choosing the following aspect of your art instead of you: position, pose, a prop, and background. This will only happen if the winner fails to reply to my DM after 3 days (including weekends) . Every winner gets the chance to choose those aspects when I first DM them, but failure to acknowledge the DM will result in me just doing as I see fit with the prize. My main approach if seasonal/festive, however if I know the winner personally then obviously I will know what they most likely want. But enough rambling, I just wanted to let everyone know since I respect people having lives and not being able to always reply, but I also respect my own time, and to ensure every winner gets a prize, I will make the calls if the winner is unable.
    10. Achiived
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      i cut my own bangs today and they actually turned out really nicely (psa please dont cut your bangs just to follow the trend! please think it over and do research before doing it!!! and remember its just hair and you can always pin them back if it goes wrong)
      1. Achiived
        Sep 14, 2019
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        by research i mean watch hair stylist cut bangs to know how to properly part the hair to make a nice shape and how to fix the ends, otherwise your bangs will end up uneven, choppy, and most definitely not nice
    11. Achiived
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      so ive started a new complex/full drawing and its a slow process but im trying (a small small sneaky peaky)
    12. Achiived
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      nano games is pretty dope - i think my favorite game has to be the hardcore parkour but color swap is a close second uwu
    13. Achiived
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      psst... im really not sure who is genuinely interested in being friends with me so if you'd like me to follow you back just like this profile post and I'll do so~ (i should mention this does not mean you'll get free art or a better chance at a GA some people think that is included in the package lol)
    14. Achiived
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      Sketched up something :)! Should I take some requests from the community?

    15. Achiived
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      I dont remember block hunt being this scary
    16. Achiived
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      im alive
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    and taken (2/25/2019)
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