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Information - XP Grinders

Quick Overview

We're Delux, Potato, Oce, Ash, and Fault who XP grind and converse sarcastically! Private group
English (US)
Created at:
Apr 1, 2019
Mineplex Community
Discussion Messages:


Hello! We're the XP Grinders. We are a group of 5 who often play minigames on Mineplex together as groups. We are divided into 2 team, called the Power and Destruction and The Mixers. Now down to the members and role models:

DeluxFTW: Founder and leader of the XP Grinders
MajesticPotato98: Co-Leader of XP Grinders; part of both teams, and helped agree to form this friend group
Ocelot_Hunter: Member of the Power of Destruction team of the XP Grinders group
AshqmedPvP: Member of The Mixers team of the XP Grinders group
Fqultless: Member of The Mixers team of the XP Grinders group

About the 2 teams

Power of Destruction: When it comes to playing Bridges, we love the Destructor kit. Although, we formed before the team itself got its name confirmed. In summer 2018, it was common for us as a team to always play Bridges and Draw my Thing a lot because of the good XP amounts. Sometimes, we play Mixed Arcade every now and then. By late August, all of us had the Destructor kit. The name Power of Destruction derived from throwing the seismic charges and quoted "We're using the power of destruction." But then it was confirmed by DeluxFTW and MajesticPotato98 that the Power of Destruction is a proper name for this team.

The Mixers: This was the first ever team to form. This team was formed back in June 2018 when DeluxFTW called for arms to get help with getting the Destructor kit. She called MajesticPotato98 and AshqmedPvP to help out. Then a wild Craftings decided to come help me get the Destructor kit. If this didn't happen, then by now I wouldn't even have the Destructor kit! This once was a team of 3, but later became a team of 4. One thing we have in common is that we like to play mixed games, such as Mixed Arcade and Nano games. In October 2018, DeluxFTW and MajesticPotato98 have confirmed the team name to be The Mixers. Around late October, a wild player named Fqultless appeared in Mixed Arcade. By December 2018, he started playing with us a lot and eventually joined The Mixers team.

Conclusion: If we were to combine both teams, the one thing we have in common is that we like to XP grind. As a result, DeluxFTW and MajesticPotato98 agreed to name the whole group the XP Grinders.

Color coordination of the names

XP Grinders: XP bottle is green
Power of Destruction: Ender pearl is green
The Mixers: Mixed games, always a surprise, so dark red is chosen


1. No spamming
2. No vulgarity
3. No advertising this group (group is only for the 5 members)
4. No heavy toxicity
5. Do not ask someone to be added to the group
Last Updated: Oct 27, 2019, Updated By: DeluxFTW