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Information - Thread Advertisement and Discussion

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You can provide links to your threads here to advertise them.
English (US)
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Jan 25, 2021
Mineplex Community
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This should be a place to discuss prototype ideas you have(so a place to get some quick overall feedback before releasing your idea to the whole forum), a place to share quick thoughts to an advertised thread if you don't want to post there and instead share quick ideas and possible revisions to ideas that aren't worth posting there. Of course, you can still advertise your ideas! We just want to encourage more discussion.

When you advertise an idea/link to a thread, make sure to add a one sentence reason of why you want this change. This also goes for prototype ideas and getting some quick feedback, along with working together to create new ideas. Make sure to label your post with tags such as [PROTOTYPE], [QUICK FEEDBACK BEFORE POSTING], [FULLY DEVELOPED IDEA], etc.

Links are preferred for Fully Developed Ideas.


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Anyone can join and will be accepted, but if you don't behave well, you may be banned.

Make sure to read the info before posting.
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