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Information - The Mineplex ESP Illegitimization Lobbying Foundation

Quick Overview

A group of players dedicated to making ESP and alting more severely punishable.
English (US)
Created at:
Nov 2, 2019
Mineplex Community
Discussion Messages:


Tag line says it all, really.

Point is is that ESP (and to an extent alting) is a rampant issue on Block Hunt, highlighted by many of the top leaderboard hunters using ESP, as well as multiple low leveled accounts. While changes in recent months have made these cheats punishable via an outside report, the punishment is only a Severity 1 ban and only the Rules Committee is able to punish for it. These two restrictions make banning ESP and alting largely symbolic, and does little to stem the flow of cheaters. We propose that the ban for these cheats is upped to a Severity 3 ban (like other illegal gameplay modifications), and allow Quality Assurance to answers these reports as well (regular staff should not be allowed to punish for ESP as determining the difference between a skilled player and an ESPer is an acquired skill that regular staff are unlikely to have). We would also like to see a system implemented ingame that mitigates the affects of ESP, though we understand such a system would take up development time that is likely better spent elsewhere.


Normal MP rules apply at all times.
Anyone's free to join this group as long as they are confirmed to not be an ESPer, or otherwise allied with/assisting a ESPer (this statement will need clarification I don't like how vague it is).
Last Updated: Nov 2, 2019, Updated By: Mr_Ant87