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Information - Stroot Gang

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Stroot's Minions
English (US)
Created at:
Sep 18, 2018
Mineplex Community
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Stroot Stroot


1) Please refrain from cursing. If your mother wouldn't like to hear it, we probably don't want to also!
2) No Promotion of Drugs. Whether it may be icons, logos, conversations regarding it, or banners, you will not be allowed to stay.
3) Be nice to everyone. Once again, if you wouldn't want your mom hearing you say it, we don't want to see it either.
4) Bullying & Harassment are not allowed. Harassment is a serious topic, unless the situation is real, do not joke about it or fake it. You will be removed whether you are harassing someone or if you are falsely accusing someone.
5) You should feel welcome in the Stroot Gang Community at all times. If at any point, you do not feel welcome, please message @Managua and he can help sort out any issues. If someone is not making you or someone feel welcome, please speak up and do not hide these concerns.
6) Do not be afraid to report someone if they truly have done something wrong. We are not biased, even if it is regarding our own friend. If you are reporting someone, we will not be opinionated. We will try to be as neutral as possible until a person is proven guilty.
7) Advertising: Unless it is Stroot related, the Stroot Gang does not want to see it. Almost always links are not allowed. Links to photos are allowed. We especially encourage that you send us Stroot Memes or art for the Stroot Gang (ex: cover or logo for the Group page). How to make your video related to Stroot: put a link to the Stroot Gang page in your bio or it can be a video about the Stroot Gang. If it has no relevance to the group, it will be deleted. The Stroot Gang group staff will review all photos, videos and links and decide if it is worthy of staying on the page.
8) Everyone is friends here, let's all get along and have fun!
Last Updated: Oct 9, 2018, Updated By: Charles