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Information - Savvice Gang

Quick Overview

The Savvice Gang. Like The Greene Gang but Better.
English (US)
Created at:
Jan 10, 2020
Mineplex Community
Discussion Messages:


Just a team. We follow the Greene Code of Conduct. We accept everyone so long as you follow the rules, but you get bonus points if you're also on the SavviceMC server!


1. No matter how simple a job looks, always plan before you act.

2. Stay cool under pressure. A rattled crew is a mistake-prone crew.

3. Never con for love. Or even like.

4. Never rat. No matter what.

5. Focus today. Gloat tomorrow.

6. Know when to walk away. It's better to live and fight another day.

7. Never resort to violence, threats, or blackmail. They're messy and unreliable.

8. Never con for pure revenge. But it's okay to get it along the way.

9. Only share the plans of your con with your crew. Loose lips sink ships

10. Never con anyone who doesn't deserve to be conned. Never hurt innocent bystanders.

11. Don't use a battering ram when a crowbar will do.

12. Do your homework. Second-hand research yields D-minus results.

13. Practice, Practice, Practice. Then practice again.

14. Make sure it's worth it.

15. If you're going to pull a con, know how to pull a con in style.
Last Updated: Jan 10, 2020, Updated By: AidanSAV