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Information - Plex Mod

Quick Overview

Looking for Plex Mod? - Download here.
English (US)
Created at:
Sep 13, 2018
Mineplex Community
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Looking for download or assistance with the mod? - https://discord.gg/neGvHCc

Plex Mod is a mod for Mineplex that provides cosmetic enhancements on the server. Some features include:
  • AutoThank - Automatically thanks game amplifiers in every game, regardless of where you are on the server.
  • AutoGG - An Auto GG module that works on Mineplex, with customizable messages.
  • Discord Rich Presence - Displays a realtime game status on your discord profile.
  • Messaging GUI - Provides a messaging experience on Mineplex similar to that of discord or skype. Works for party chat, team chat, DMs, and community chats.
  • Chat Toggles - Hide various messages from your chat such as lobby popups.
  • Better Reply - Allows you to use /r after switching lobbies as well as right after somebody messages you, so you don't have to type their name in /msg first
  • Various other features such as AutoFriend and /dms
(all features are toggleable and disabled by default)

To access the mod menu ingame, type /plex. More information is available in the discord server regarding features and installation.


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