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Information - Mineplex Veterans

Quick Overview

Those who have Mineplex experience since the beginning (or almost the beginning)
English (US)
Created at:
Sep 26, 2018
Mineplex Community
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Welcome to the club of those who have found the secrets of Mineplex, weaving through many generations of ranks, games, and staff. Those who have been part of this great community for years may enter.
We are a united community, helping each other in many ways!


1. Please don't put anyone down or do anything offensive or mean. Keep it nice
2. If a mod tells you something, follow what that mod says
3. All official Mineplex mods have priority of command in this group. No matter what the group mods say, the order is: MP Mods, Founder, Group Mods
4. Have fun
5. Follow all regular Mineplex rules

1. You may only use ONE account in submitting results
2. You must have a STANDING account in this group.
3. If you have been issued a punishment (Ban or mute) from a MP Mod, please do not participate in the contest
4. You may not participate if you give suggestions, though there will be a contest for people who suggested things.
5. MP Mods are allowed to participate and do count in the final scoreboard! We don't give them the answers so it is completely fair!
6. Please don't ask me to review your results. I will. Period.
7. Accept the final results
Last Updated: Sep 27, 2018, Updated By: DaveedDigs