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Information - Mineplex Status (Live!)

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The best (and only) Mineplex Status website on the Network.
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Aug 8, 2021
Mineplex Community
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Mineplex Status

Looking to get Mineplex's Status & Statistics? Check us out by clicking here!

Mineplex Status is an unofficial and community-driven website that provides automated downtime information for Mineplex's Java network, both EU and US Bedrock networks, Website and Store, all in one. Mineplex Status also provides the server's current player count as well as graphed statistics on its current latency.

It was originally created by Rey and Fallen over a four day period in an effort to stave off boredom and give a much-needed (and missing) uptime service to the Mineplex community. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our effort.

This website does not use cookies, is SSL-certified, proxied through Cloudflare, and stores no data; so you can always be sure you are using it with the highest level of respect to your own security.

Disclaimer: This site, while unofficial, was created with the blessing & knowledge of Mineplex's management. The same goes for this forums group. <3