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Information - Mineplex Announcements

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Weekly announcements regarding Trainee/Mod promotions, sub-team acceptances, and more!
English (US)
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Sep 13, 2018
Mineplex Community
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This group will be used to post the weekly announcements that I (BenSVE) formerly did on my Enjin wall. Every Sunday I will post all of the announcements from the previous week, including but not limited to Trainee Promotions, Mod Promotions, Sr.Mod promotions, sub-team acceptances, and resignations!


Just follow forum rules :)

For those wondering as well, I only include staff anniversaries that I do not have logged (I started logging in April of 2018) if someone informs me beforehand. I do not have an easy way of knowing of staff promotions before then. Feel free to DM me if someone's anniversary is coming up and they were staff before April of 2018! :)
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2020, Updated By: BenSVE