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Information - Like Group

Quick Overview

everyone in this group likes everything!
English (US)
Created at:
Dec 4, 2020
Mineplex Community
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The Like Group

The like group is a simple group where people like other people's posts and have a magnificent time! We intend to make people happy and make mineplex more positive. brief rules, people who hate aren't allowed to use this group. We want this group to be positive, not negative; therefore, you have to be respectful to all the other members, and we expect you to be kind. All mineplex rules apply to this group. Click Here to view the rules.

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we like peoples posts

we follow random people

we give positivity


Don't hate. Severity = 2

Don't be rude to others. Severity = 1

Don't like spam. Severity = 1

Don't be annoying. Severity = 1

Don't spam the hub with messages. Severity = 2

Don't ask for likes. Severity = 1

No explicit content. Severity = 2

No toxicity. Severity = 2

Don't swear. Severity = 2

follow the previous mineplex rules Here

The severity of 1 will grant you a temporary removal whilst 2 will grant you a permanent removal.
Last Updated: Dec 4, 2020, Updated By: chickenboi