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Information - CMP

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English (US)
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Sep 13, 2018
Mineplex Community
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Community Mentoring Program (CMP)!

Players who join this program will be assigned to a mentor who will personally work with them to improve on almost anything that is requested by the mentee. This will typically involve things like providing helpful forum posts, assisting others in-game, reporting rule-breakers, or again, anything that may be requested.


1 - Anyone is allowed to join the CMP Discord.
2 - If you are being rude, abusive and constantly breaking Mineplex rules, you will be removed from CMP.
3 - If you got muted or banned on Java or Bedrock and a Mentor/MA/Manager finds out, you may be removed from CMP (depending on the situation).
4 - Network Bans are an instant removal from CMP, no exceptions.

Ask a manager about the rules if you are unsure about anything or think something should be added/removed/fixed!

Want to join our Discord and chat to mentees/mentors? https://discord.gg/Sbagx3p
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