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Information - Castle Siege Competitive League

Quick Overview

This is the official group of Castle Siege's competitive league!
English (US)
Created at:
Jan 28, 2021
Mineplex Community
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Welcome to the Castle Siege Competitive League group!

This group is a hub for information, updates, and links for everything regarding CSCL. In order to participate in CSCL Season 3, you need to follow these simple criteria:
  • Register your team using the link found below, you may have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 7
  • Join our community discord, the link will also be found below
  • Join our CSCL community where we host our matches, join by doing /com join CSCL
Once these have been completed, please stay tuned into the discord for announcements about teams and matches. Do not have anyone to create a team with? No problem! You can register as a single player using the same link provided to register a team.

Every participant is expected to read the CSCL rulebook and keep up to date with it regularly since CSCL Management is constantly making adjustments to it.

Here is a brief summary of what CSCL is: in CSCL, teams of 5 play Castle Siege as both undead and defense. The first team to 5 wins gets the overall match victory. In S3, we’ll start with a round-robin phase and finish with a single-elimination tourney. We expect the season will last between 6-8 weeks.

With Castle Siege being out of the lobby, the community has found that CSCL is the closest thing we can do to bring our community together and #ReviveCS. I hope to see you registered and if you have any further questions, please dm me on discord, my user is Drea#4067.

Important Links:
CSCL Registration form
CS Discord
CSCL Rulebook