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Information - Book Club

Quick Overview

Books, Books and More Books.
English (US)
Created at:
Sep 13, 2018
Mineplex Community
Discussion Messages:


Hey hey hey, You wanna join the book club? Its not really a club, more a place where we can talk about boooooksssss!


As an intro, I will make this clear, I will prohibit jokes ect about books, and maybe sometimes, if its not inappropriate, and is light-hearted, and inoffensive, towards members, but do not insult the members of this group. If you do, alongside being expelled from the group, you will likely be punished by the staff team. Thanks

Rules (Subject to change, or otherwise at the discretion of the moderator)

Please do not insult members of the group, its not needed.

Even though its book club, feel free to discuss movies and other things that are "Book Related"

Be respectful to everyone, were all friends here.

Follow the normal mineplex rules as standard.

Enjoy <3
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018, Updated By: wFangw