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Survival Games


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In this classic Minecraft mini-game you will be pitted against twenty-three other players in a last man standing style battle! Gather food and loot from chests scattered around the map to protect yourself from other players. If you're feeling brave you can collect some powerful loot from the chests at the center of the map or supply drops that spawn every night, but be careful as other players will also be drawn to these valuable items! Be wary of the edge of the map however, as the border shrinks and forces you closer to other players! So scavenge the best supplies you can and give it your best so you can be the winner in this free-for-all madness!

Name Price Description
Axeman Free This is one of the default kits that is given to all players. Right-Click to throw axes! You deal +1 damage with Axes.
Knight Free This is one of the default kits that is given to all players. You take 0.5 less damage from all attacks. Block on your opponent to use Hilt Smash, slowing, and dealing damage to the opponent.
Archer 2000 Gems You receive 1 arrow every 20 seconds to a maximum of 3. Charge your bow to release a Barrage of arrows.
Brawler 2000 Gems You take 75% knockback and deal 125% knockback. Right-Click with Sword/Axe to use Ground Pound and send your opponents flying into the air.
Assassin 5000 Gems You deal +2 damage from behind your opponent. You cannot be seen on compasses until you're 8 blocks away from your opponents.
Beastmaster 5000 Gems Spawn a pet wolf every 30 seconds to a maximum of 1. Right-Click with Sword/Axe to use Wolf Tackle, commanding your wolf to leap at your opponent.
Bomber 5000 Gems Receive 1 TNT every 30 seconds to a maximum of 2. Left-Click with Bow to prepare an Explosive Arrow.
Necromancer 5000 Gems Killing an opponent will ressurect them as a skeletal minion.
Barbarian 6000 Gems Deal 75% damage to all nearby enemies. Right-Click with Sword/Axe to use Blade Vortex, pulling all nearby enemies into you.
Horseman Achievement You spawn with a loyal horse companion.

Achievement Name Objective
Katniss Everdeen Win 30 games of Survival Games.
Light Weight Win a game without wearing any armor.
Bloodlust Kill 3 other players in the first minute of a game.
Loot Hoarder Be the first to open 50 Supply Drops.
Skeletal Army Have 5 Necromanced Skeletons alive at one time.

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