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Twelve islands high up in the sky and twelve players ready to battle it out. In this classic fast-paced Minecraft game, players spawn on small islands and have to navigate their way to a central island in the hope of finding powerful loot! Be careful though, as you'll have to build over the open sky, leaving yourself open to anyone looking to knock you off for an easier game! You'll have some additional tools at your disposal though depending on the kit you choose! Summon rings of fire, make bridges of ice, or throw blocks at unsuspecting foes! Do whatever it takes to be the last one in the sky.

Name Price Description
Ice Free This is one of the default kits that is given to all players. You start with a Wood Sword and an Ice Block. You can create an Ice Bridge every 30 seconds that will last for 4 seconds.
Fire 4000 Gems You start with a Wood Sword and a Blaze Rod. Right-Click with Blaze Rod to send out a pulse of fire that deals 5 damage to all players within 4 blocks. This can be used every 40 seconds.
Air 4000 Gems You start with a Wood Sword and an Eye of Ender. Right-Click with Eye of Ender to teleport back to your last safe place. Double tap your jump key to Double Jump.
Metal 4000 Gems You start with a Wood Sword, Stone Pickaxe, and Redstone Comparator. Right-Click with the Redstone Comparator to pull nearby enemies towards you. You gain 0.5 hearts for every piece of metal armor you wear.
Earth Achievement You start with a Wood Sword and Stone Shovel. You receive 1 Throwable Dirt every 20 seconds. Right-Click to throw the dirt. You take 25% knockback while on the ground.

Achievement Name Objective
Sky King Win 20 Games of Skywars.
Master Bomber Get 3 Kills With "Super Throwing TNT" in a Single Game.
TNT Hoarder Pickup 100 "Super Throwing TNT."
Left For Dead Kill 120 Zombies
Cold Blooded Killer Kill 80 Players.
Survivalist Win a Game Without Opening a Chest.
Bare Minimum Win a Game With No Armor.

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