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Bombers versus SWAT. Enlist in one team and fight your way to victory in this Minecraft version of the popular shooter, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Side up with the SWAT team and protect the bomb sites from the Bombers. Win by either eliminating all of your opponents or running the round timer out. Likewise, if you choose to play as the infamous Bombers you'll need to work as a team to plant the bomb on either of the two bomb sites and protect it until it detonates! Letting the SWAT team defuse the bomb will give you a loss, so be careful and work together!

Achievement Name Objective
Striker Win 50 games of Minestrike
BOOM! HEADSHOT! Kill 500 people with headshots
Ace Get the kill on all enemies in a single round
Kaboom! Kill two people with a single High Explosive Grenade
Assassination Get 20 backstab kill with the knife
Clutch or Kick Be the last one alive and kill 3 or more enemies to achieve victory
Killing Spree Kill 4 enemies in a row with no more than 5 seconds between each kill
Blindfolded Kill 2 enemies while blinded from a single flashbang

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