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Cake Wars


Available to play on Mineplex Java

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Winner winner cake for dinner! Winner winner cake for dinner! Protect your cake at all costs and do not let the enemy team eat it. Buy better gear and weapons from capturing the points on the middle and side islands to help you gain more resources to defeat your enemy. Once your cake is eaten, you are no longer able to respawn after death and if you die again, you are out of the game. Be careful when eating an enemies' cake as there might be a trap that could kill you. Keep an eye out for the random cake islands that spawn in as they contain a chest that will give you extra bonuses to help you win the game. Knock your enemies into the void with your PvP skills and taunt them while they fall into the void.
Name Price Description
Warrior Free A default kit given to players, killing a player will give you +3 hearts.
Archer 3000 Gems Receive 1 arrow every 6 seconds. Maximum of 3.
Builder 3000 Gems Receive 1 knitted wool every 4 seconds. Maximum of 32. Receive 1 knitted platform every 10 seconds. Maximum of 5.
Frosting Achievement Receive 1 snowball every 6 seconds with a maximum of 3. Players receive slowness 2 for 3 seconds when hit by a snowball.

Achievement Name Objective
Cake Dinners Win 100 games of Cake Wars
Cake Slayer Kill 1000 players in Cake Wars
Big Appetite Take 500 bites of cake in Cake Wars
Greedy Eat a whole cake
This game has Cakes? Survive 10 minutes without a cake
Cold Baked Killer Get 10 First Bloods
Starving Eat a cake within the first minute of the game
You call that a challenge Win a game without dying
Team Player Purchase all Team Upgrades within one game
Love not War Win a game without killing a player
Last Crumb Win a game with only one bite of your cake left
Gotta go fast Win a game within 10 minutes
Last Laugh Get the final bite on every cake within a game
I <3 Capture Points Own all beacons for your team in one game
Get Good Kill a player while falling from a great height. Then save yourself from dying
The Floor Is Lava Win a game of Cake Wars while after the first 30 seconds of the game, only stand on player placed blocks. Includes Deploy platforms and near Shops

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