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Ten players on four different teams must scavenge for resources in preparation for brawl with the other teams. For the first ten minutes, you are limited to your own island where you and your team must go around your island killing animals, collecting mushrooms, mining, and planning out a strategy before the bridges drop! After the ten minutes is up, the bridges will begin spawning naturally. From there you can race off to the middle for more gear or begin to engage in battle with the enemy. The last team standing wins!
Kit Name Price Description
Apple Free! You will receive 1 apple every 10 seconds. You can choose to eat it, share with your teammates, or Left-Click to throw it at an enemy.
Berserker Free! You will be given with a stone axe when you spawn. You will deal +1 more damage than usual when using an axe and you can Right-Click with your axe to use Berserker Leap every 30 seconds.
Brawler 2000 gems With this kit, you are given an Iron Sword when you spawn; you will take 75% knockback; you deal 125% knockback; and you take -1 damage from all attacks.
Archer 2000 gems As the name suggests, you will be the archer of the team. You are given a bow when you spawn. You will receive 1 arrow (max 3 arrows) every 20 seconds. Charge the bow to use Barrage. However, you can collect flint and feathers to make more arrows.
Miner 5000 gems You will be given with a Stone Pickaxe when you spawn. You will receive Haste 2. And you can Right-Click, every 30 seconds, with your pickaxe to find ores. You can find Coal Ores with Stone Pickaxe, Iron Ores with Iron Pickaxe, Diamond Ores with Diamond Pickaxe.
Bomber 5000 gems You will receive 1 TNT, maximum of 2, every 25 seconds. You can use it to mine ores and eliminate enemies.
Destructor Achievement You will receive 1 Seismic Charge, maximum of 2, every 40 seconds. When you (Right-Click) throw the Seismic Charge, you will make the affected area crumble if no other blocks are under it. Note: you will receive Seismic Charge when the bridges start to fall.

Achievement Name Objective
Bridge Champion Win 30 games of The Bridges
Food for the Masses Get 20 kills with Apples (Apple Kit)
Sniper Kill an enemy with Archery before the Bridges fall (Archer Kit)
Fortune Bomber Mine 30 Diamond Ore using TNT (Bomber Kit)
Rampage Get 4 kills in a row, with no more than 10 seconds between each kill
Death Bomber Get 5 kills in a single game with TNT (Bomber Kit)

Upon completion of all of the achievements, you will unlock the Destructor Kit.

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