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Bedrock Sky Fall


Available to play on Mineplex Bedrock

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Compete against twenty three other players in this fast-paced PVP gamemode as you use your elytra to safely glide from island to island while collecting gear! Be prepared to wage war in the skies as you chase down players. Once you reach the bottom island you'll have to fight one another to be the last one standing, be careful though as other players can swoop down on you from above at any point!

Name Price Description
Jouster Free Hitting players deal 100% extra knockback
Stunner Free Hitting players disable their Elytra causing them not to fly for 1 second
Aeronaught Free You deal 45% extra damage while you are flying
Speeder Free Going through booster rings give you a 10% extra boost

Achievement Name Objective
Skyfaller Win 30 games of Skyfall
Light Weight Win a game without wearing any armor
Bloodlust Kill 3 other players in the first minute
Aeronaught Get 10 kills while flying
I love Booster Rings <3 Fly through 1000 Booster Rings
Loot Hoarder Be the first to open 20 supply drops

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