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Bedrock Micro Battles


Available to play on Mineplex Bedrock

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Small game, big strategy! Four teams divided into separate parts of the map and only one will remain. Gather blocks to help you build up the tower or to help barricade yourself but be careful, the map crumbles around the map and will destroy everything in its way. Using your pvp skills fight off the other 3 teams until yours is the only one standing. Watch out for the lava that divides the map as it could be used as a strategy to help you win the game. This game although simple requires strategy and tactics in order to win the game.
Name Price Description
Archer Free A default kit given to players, receive 1 arrow every 20 seconds, maximum of 3. Start with 1 wooden sword, 1 bow and 3 apples.
Worker Free A default kit given to players, start the game with 1 wooden sword, 1 stone spade, 1 stone pickaxe and 4 apples.
Fighter Free A default kit given to players, take 0.5 less damage from attacks. Start within 1 wooden sword and 5 apples.

Achievement Name Objective
Micro Champion Win 100 games of Micro Battles.
Annihilation Kill 8 players in one game.

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