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Bedrock Cake Wars


Available to play on Mineplex Bedrock

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Winner winner cake for dinner! Winner winner cake for dinner! Protect your cake at all costs and do not let the enemy team eat it. Buy better gear and weapons from capturing the points on the middle and side islands to help you gain more resources to defeat your enemy. Once your cake is eaten, you are no longer able to respawn after death and if you die again, you are out of the game. Be careful when eating an enemies' cake as there might be a trap that could kill you. Keep an eye out for the random cake islands that spawn in as they contain a chest that will give you extra bonuses to help you win the game. Knock your enemies into the void with your PvP skills and taunt them while they fall into the void.
Name Price Description
Warrior Free A default kit given to players, killing a player will give you +3 hearts.
Archer 3000 Gems Receive 1 arrow every 6 seconds. Maximum of 3.
Builder 3000 Gems Receive 1 Block every 6 seconds. Maximum of 3.

Achievement Name Objective
Ultimate Winner Win 10 games of Ultra Hardcore
Fine Dining Collect and eat every type of food in a game.
Lucky Miner Equip a full set of iron armor within 10 minutes of the game starting
I Don't Need This Craft a diamond hoe
I Will Not Die! Drop down to half a heart before healing back up

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