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Official Clans Rulebook

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Flaym, Sep 7, 2019.

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    Welcome to the Clans Rulebook, this rulebook will contain a lot of information you need to know as a Clans player. Please check back frequently in order to stay updated on new rules! Alongside this remember that you are still subject to the global Mineplex rules which can be found here.

    It must be noted that some of these punishments may only result in a blacklist from clans and not ban from the network, alongside this some blacklists may be applied for a longer period than you are banned from the network (for example being blacklisted for 60 days whilst being banned for 30 days in relation to hacking) - when you are blacklisted you will be unable to connect to any clans server however you will be able to play on the rest of the Mineplex network as you normally would. You can appeal a blacklist in the same way you can appeal a ban via the appeals section.

    If you have caught any player breaking any rules mentioned below, please make a report, following this guide, in the clans reports section.

    If you have any questions regarding the rules of Clans feel free to message a member of the Clans Management team for further insight/clarification; you can find the members via the staff page under "Clans Management"!

    Disclaimer: The rules are subjected to the discretion of the Clans Management team. However, if you believe a Clans Management member is abusing this right please privately contact @Flaym via forums PM (With Evidence if Applicable).

    • 08/23/16 - Rulebook publicly released.
    • 08/24/16 - Splitting Claims added to Severity 1 Offences.
    • 08/26/16 - Mixed Armour Sets added to Severity 1 Offences.
    • 08/26/16 - Other Offences added and updated with Alternate account rule.
    • 09/17/16 - Breaking Blocks Using Block Destruction Bug added to Severity 2 Offences.
    • 09/21/16 - Breaking Blocks Using Block Destruction Bug bumped to Severity 3 Offence.
    • 11/30/16 - Updated to Implement Season 2 Rules
    • 12/19/16 - Updated to include rules against freelancing hackers, updates on Individual War Point Evasion
    • 01/05/17 - Added rules for severity 1 gameplay offences, clarified map exploiting
    • 03/04/17 - Troll Clan names added, same punishment as Inappropriate Clan Name
    • 03/22/17 - Toughened up most bug exploiting offences to include higher blacklists for recurring offences and in some cases higher blacklists on the first offence.
    • 09/24/17 - Added note about IP blacklisting.
    • 08/04/18 - Added blacklists for abusive behavior, discrimination
    • 06/21/19 - Added note about IP blacklisted or network banned players founding or leading clans and abetting those players will warrant a 7 day blacklist, added recurring blacklist for death wishes
    • 09/06/19 - Revamped the rules for clarifications; Added new rules on Glitched Villagers, Glitching Event Boss, Pvp Timer Abuse, and Right-click Bug (Illusion Glitch); Amended Bug Exploit Rules (Under Other Severity 1 Gameplay Offences)
    • 11/29/2019 - Changed rule for NWB'd/Indexed player
    • 12/7/2019 - Added Farm/Moat Building Material and Event Rule

    Severity 1 Offences

    OffenceDescription Of OffencePunishment
    Ability Abuse
    Using Champions/Clans skills or abilities to move through any reasonable barrier which the player shouldn’t be able to pass through (for example a half slab gap in a wall).

    Clarification: If you can't fit through it, you can't use your skills to get through.
    This will warrant you a 7-day blacklist along with a gameplay ban. 30-day blacklist for further offences.
    Block Glitching
    Using blocks to get out of a moat.

    Placing ladders to get rid water blocks. (Using ladders to get out of a moat is allowed.)

    Breaking an unbreakable block (blocks that are in someone's claimed area) to hit a player or to open a chest.

    This will warrant you a 7-day blacklist along with a gameplay ban. 30-day blacklist for further offences.
    Inappropriate/Troll Clan NameThis is any clan name which contains an inappropriate theme or word. This also includes clan names that could cause harm to players if they accidentally make a typo when doing "/c clanname", such as a clan being named "Unclaiim".This will warrant the founder a 1-day blacklist and a gameplay ban, along with the clan being completely disbanded. 7-day blacklist for recurring offences.

    Please notify a CM member if you see a clan with an inappropriate clan name.
    Map ExploitingUsing abilities such as flash to get on top of the barrier blocks (or just being on top of the arena in general) at the boss arena OR standing on the inside walls or corners to bypass damage from bosses.This will warrant you a 1-day blacklist alongside severity 1 gameplay ban after a formal warning. 7-day blacklist for recurring offences.
    Unwarranted GriefingExcessively griefing somebody’s base or the clans map by breaking or placing any blocks.

    Editing the map around your base to grant your clan an advantage (such as flattening the ground around your base) is allowed.
    This will warrant you a 1 day blacklist and a Severity 1 ban, however, this may increase depending on how severe it is. 7-day blacklist for recurring offences.
    Individual Warpoint EvasionDoing something that prevents the opposing clan from gaining a warpoint once you are combat tagged e.g. logging out while in combat OR using /kill in a situation in which you cannot escape. For example, being trapped in another Clan's trap or moat while that Clan is online and using /kill before they can combat tag you.This will warrant you a 1 day blacklist, alongside a severity 1 gameplay offence ban. 7-day blacklist for recurring offences.
    Inducing Damage In ShopsAbusing any kind of exploit in order to harm somebody who’s in a Safe Zone while they are safe (not combat tagged).This will warrant you a 1 day blacklist, alongside a severity 1 gameplay offence ban. 7-day blacklist for recurring offences.
    Refusal to relog whilst invisible to othersIf a player is found to be invisible and is prompted to relog, yet refuses to do so.This will warrant you a 7-day blacklist along with a gameplay ban. 30-day blacklist for further offences. THIS IS NOT PUNISHABLE VIA REPORT, ONLY IF A STAFF MEMBER IS PRESENT IN-GAME.
    Splitting Base ClaimsHaving two or more areas claimed which are not connected at their sides (connected by a corner is still considered split claims.)If a player is caught creating this, they will receive a severity 1 gameplay ban and a 1 day blacklist. Additionally, the split claim will be unclaimed. If no one from the clan is online and their split claims are found, the smaller/poorest one will be unclaimed until the clan has 1 claimed area remaining. Online clan members will get a say in which area/s will be unclaimed. 7-day blacklist for recurring offences.
    Mixed/Missing Armor SetsWearing mixed armor sets in order to gain vanilla armor values instead of custom clans armor values e.g. wearing full brute + knight boots.

    Wearing nearly a full kit with a part of the kit missing.
    This will warrant you a 1 day blacklist alongside a severity 1 gameplay ban after a formal warning. 7-day blacklist for recurring offences. MISSING ARMOR IS ONLY PUNISHABLE IF STAFF MEMBER IS PRESENT IN GAME. No warning is given for missing armor.
    Abusive BehaviorAny chat message which warrants a severity 2 mute for abusive behavior as found here that takes place in Clans.This will warrant a 1-day blacklist.
    Death WishWishing death on another player - kind of straightforwardPlayers will receive a severity 2 mute and a 1 day blacklist for first time offences after that it's severity 3 mute and 7 days blacklist.
    Glitched VillagersHolding/detaining the traveling merchant/villager in your base.If a traveling merchant is found in said base, all emeralds gained from the traveling merchant shall be removed if a CM has deemed the amount of emeralds to be excessive. All items gained from the traveling merchant shall also be removed. Players caught interacting with a traveling merchant/villager to obtain emeralds or other items within the base shall receive a 1 day blacklist. 7 for recurring.
    Glitching Event Bosses Into The PortalSummoning the event boss while the nether portal is still open in order to glitch the event boss so that it would not attack you.Any players actively participating in the event by attacking the IW will receive a warning, followed by a gameplay ban and 1-day blacklist if they continue after that Event Boss has died. Any further offenses after receiving a warning will result in an instant gameplay ban and 1-day blacklist.
    Right-click Bug (Illusion Glitching)Intentionally using any right-click bugs (Illusion, Defensive Stance, etc.) in order to gain an advantage in combat.

    Clarification: Attacking a player while using the right-click bug or using the bug to run away at normal speed.
    Using any form of the right-click bug will result a gameplay ban along with a 7 day blacklist. 14 day blacklist for recurring offenses.
    Pvp Timer AbuseAbusing the 1 hour Pvp Timer in order to loot a base disbanded by staff.This will result in the loss of your pvp timer. NO GAMEPLAY BAN/BLACKLIST
    8 Block Entitlement In order to reduce grief and clarify/settle disputes about skybridges, the CM team has regulated the use of sky bridges. Sky bridges will be should only be 1 block wide. If they are not 1 block wide the bridge will be reduced to be 1 block wide. If the sky bridge is within 8 blocks area in front of a clan and the clan ask for the sky bridge to be removed, the bridge will be removed. The is no punishment for building sky bridges. The skybridge will simply be removed/reduced.
    Farm/Moat Building Materials In order to decrease the lag on the servers, all farms and moats will be regulated by CM. This means that if at any moment, your farm/moat is deemed to be causing a significant local lag, CM holds the rights to dismantle the part of the farm/moat that causes the lag. In order for everyone to understand, here are certain things that have been found to cause lag:
    1. Wood Blocks - wooden blocks of any kind would cause lag in any farm (Don't know why. But the farm made of wood always lagged more than the farm made of dirt. This includes logs and half slabs made of wood.)
    2. Buttons/Pressure Plates - it kind of does the same as wood blocks but can be used sparingly.
    3. Signs - I use these very sparingly. For some odd reason these create lag even on a single player world. Maybe it's texture or the fact that when you load and unload signs, they have to check what the sign says in order to place it back in when loading.
    There is no punishment for this rule. Your farm/moat will simply be removed/modified to remove the part that is causing the lag.
    Event Rule If you are disrupting Events in any way, the CM team reserves the right to kick you from the server until the Event is over. You will be blacklisted for an hour or until the Event is over.
    Other Severity 1 Gameplay OffensesBreaking any other severity one gameplay rules found here as they apply to Clans.These offences will warrant you a 1 day blacklist along with the appropriate ban (and warning if applicable). 7-day blacklist for recurring offences.

    If a player has been found exploiting a bug 2+ times, the blacklist will be bumped to 14 days instead of 7.
    Exploiting in order to leave an active event arenaUsing any method (other than in-game commands) to escape the arena of an active boss eventThis will result in a severity 1 gameplay ban along with a 1 day blacklist.7 day blacklist for recurring offences.

    Severity 2 Offences

    OffenceDescription Of OffencePunishment
    Clan-based War Point EvasionDoing anything to make other clans’ war points against your clan useless.

    For example,

    Disbanding and reforming your clan in order to reset all war points.

    Logging off with important gear or temporarily giving it to somebody else before/during a siege so as to avoid losing it.

    (Logging out/Camping in shops with gear counts.)
    This will warrant the founder of the reformed clan a 7 day blacklist along with a sev 1 gameplay ban. 30 day blacklist for further offenses.
    Spawn/Fields/Shop GriefingUsing abilities, items or cannons to grief spawn, fields or shop.This will warrant you a 7 day blacklist alongside a gameplay ban. 30 day blacklist for further offenses.
    DiscriminationAny chat message which warrants a severity 3 mute for discrimination as found here which takes place in Clans.This warrants a 7-day blacklist (30 days for repeat offenses).

    Severity 3 Offences

    OffenceDescription Of OffencePunishment
    DupingUsing any method to spawn/duplicate items that you cannot normally gain in Clans. (Blacklist time may change case by case; however, minor cases are as stated.)This will warrant you a 30-day blacklist, however, this may vary depending on how severe the case is. You will also be issued a severity 1 gameplay ban.
    Severity 1 HackingAny severity 1 hacking offence, which can be seen in more detail here.This will warrant you a 14-day blacklist, alongside your appropriate severity 1 hacking ban.
    Block Destruction BugUsing any bug to destroy blocks within others' claims allowing you to grief and/or raid without starting a siege.This will warrant you a 14 day blacklist, and a severity 1 gameplay ban
    Class mixingExploiting a bug allowing players to use skills from other Champions classes than the class they currently have equipped.This will result in a severity 1 gameplay ban and a 14-day blacklist. 30-day blacklist for repeated offences.

    Severity 4 Offences

    OffenceDescription Of OffencePunishment
    Severity 2 HackingAny severity 2 hacking offence, which can be seen in more detail here.This will warrant you a 60 day blacklist alongside your appropriate hacking ban. Note: 2+ offences of severity 2 or higher hacking in Clans will now result in a 90-day, non-deteriorating blacklist.
    Severity 3 HackingAny severity 3 hacking offense which can be found here.This will warrant you a 90 day blacklist alongside the appropriate severity 3 client ban.
    Malicious ThreatsThreatening to harm or take the life of a player(or their family), or threatening to hack or DDOS a player/the serverThis will warrant you a 90 day blacklist alongside the appropriate severity 3 mute.
    Replay ModAny use of the Replay Mod while on Clans.
    This mod is allowed on the rest of the network.
    This will warrant a 60 day blacklist on first offense, and a 90 day blacklist for any repeated offences afterwards.
    X-Ray modifications/Resource PacksUsing a mod or resource pack that allows you to see through blocks, giving an unfair advantage.This will warrant a 60 day blacklist on first offense, and a 90 day blacklist for any repeated offenses afterwards.

    Other Offences

    OffenceDescription Of OffencePunishment
    Blacklist EvasionUsing alts in order to bypass any blacklist.

    The use of alts are allowed so long as you are not bypassing a blacklist.
    This will warrant the alt account an identical punishment to the main account
    Relogging while Frozen Relogging into the Clans server in order to become unfrozen. You will be blacklisted for an hour.
    Gaining Assistance From/Assisting HackersGaining assistance from a hacker or assisting them by giving them gear or receiving gear from the hacker or by aiding the hacker in combat. This is an offense regardless of whether the hacker is in your clan or not.If caught doing so excessively, this can lead to clan-wide punishments such as the clan being fully disbanded, all items being wiped from the clan, the claim of the clan being wiped, and so on.
    Alting Giving a NWB/Index Player or a hacker gear.

    Inviting the hacker back on an alt.

    Knowingly helping a NWB/Index Player.
    This warrants a 7 days blacklist on the first offence, 14 days blacklist on the second offence, and 30 days blacklist after that. All punishments will be under the discretion of the CM.
    VPN IP Blacklist Using a VPN IP to evade a blacklist. You will be blacklisted and asked to appeal with your actual IP.

    Appeals of this nature will be conducted by the Clans Admin via forums messages. However, a regular Clans appeal should be made in order to catalog all appeals.
    Upon inspection of your actual IP (or the IP that was used before), a verdict will be given for your VPN IP Blacklist. If you are found blacklist evading, your VPN IP Blacklist will be converted to the blacklist you were found evading. If the IP you provided was found not to be your actual IP, your account will remain VPN IP Blacklisted until one is given. VPN IP Blacklists are meant as a procedure and not as an actual punishment. They will not count towards your accepted appeals.
    Farming hours in any serversGaining clans time on casual/hardcore without actively playing for excessive amounts of time as determined by a member of CM (You will be warned first).

    Using any form to bypass the afk kicker.

    The use of Anti-AFK scripts will not warrant any warnings.
    This will result in a severity 1 gameplay ban and a permanent blacklist.
    Network banned or IP blacklisted players founding or leading a ClanAny player who has been network banned from Mineplex or who has been IP blacklisted from Clans creating or leading a clan.This will result in the clan being disbanded.

    If you ask a CM Appeals member to check your appeal, your appeal will be denied.

    If you suspect a staff member is abusing their power or punishing incorrectly then please submit a support ticket here or contact their appropriate higher up who can be found via the staff page. If you aren’t entirely sure of who their higher up is, then contact any member of StM for Trainees and Mods and if the suspect is a Sr.Mod then contact the Admin of the Sr.Mods team, however, support tickets are always a viable option.

    Thread maintained and updated by the Clans Management Team!

    Posted Sep 7, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 4, 2020
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