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Official Clans Rulebook

Discussion in 'Clans' started by Flaym, Sep 7, 2019.

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  1. Clans Rulebook

    Welcome to the Clans Rulebook! This post will contain all the necessary information regarding the rules you agree to by playing the Clans gamemode on our network, in addition to the regular network rules, found here.
    The Clans Rules may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Clans Management team.

    Please note that some of the following offences may only result in a blacklist from Clans and not a punishment on the main server. Blacklists will often be a longer length than the server ban/mute for the corresponding offence - when you are blacklisted from Clans, you will be unable to join any Clans servers but your access to the main network will be unaffected unless you also have a server ban.

    You may appeal a Clans Blacklist here if you wish to be unblacklisted from Clans.
    You may submit a Clans Report here if you wish to report a player breaking any of the following rules.
    -Clans Rulebook Revamped - 11th Jan 2022

    Gameplay Offences
    All Gameplay offences on Clans will warrant a blacklist and a Severity 1 Gameplay Ban. As with regular gameplay offences on the network, warnings are not mandatory and will be issued at the discretion of staff members according to staff guidelines and their own judgement.
    Offence + BlacklistDescription
    Individual War Point Evasion
    1/7 day blacklist
    Doing anything which unfairly prevents an opposing clan from gaining a war point against your clan, such as logging out or killing yourself via /kill or other means in a situation in which you could be killed by a player.
    Map Exploiting
    1/7 day blacklist
    Standing on top of an Event Arena, or standing on/in the inside walls of the arena.
    Inappropriate/Troll Clan Name
    1/7 day blacklist
    Founding a clan with a name which contains an inappropriate theme or word (including all filtered words), or a name which could cause harm to others when attempting to type it (such as ‘Unclaiim’).
    Bug Exploiting
    1/7/14 day blacklist
    Exploiting a bug or glitch that gives you an unfair advantage or ruins gameplay for others.
    Blacklist duration may vary depending on the bug.
    PvP Timer Abuse
    7 day blacklist
    Using PvP timer to loot a supply drop or naturally unclaimed base/base disbanded by staff.
    Using a PvP Timer to gain any other kind of advantage or put another player at a disadvantage (e.g. blocking arrows/scepter shots, trapping people with blocks, etc.)
    Block Glitching / Ability Abuse
    7/30 day blacklist
    Any method of placing/breaking blocks or using Champions/Clans abilities to move yourself or another player through a reasonable barrier which the player shouldn’t be able to pass through, or to gain an unfair advantage such as hitting through walls or removing water source blocks.
    Clan-Based War Point Evasion
    7/30 day blacklist
    War Points restored
    Valuables returned to claim during siege

    Doing anything to unfairly make another clan’s war points against your clan redundant, such as recreating your clan or moving valuable items* to prevent them from potentially being lost during a siege.

    *Valuables must be inside the accessible part of your base and above y=30, and not logged off in an inventory or temporarily in possession of another Clan.
    By joining a Clan and then leaving it, any items in your inventory at the time of a siege will be considered items belonging to the Clan.

    Regardless of the circumstances under which valuables were logged, the attacking clan should have the opportunity to fight over the valuables as normal. Items in the inventory of a player who is offline/away from the base will be moved to a chest/inventory within their claim.

    Many edge cases may fall within this rule. This rule will be enforced at the discretion of the Clans Management team.
    7/30 day blacklist
    Intentionally placing/breaking a large number of blocks in a way which ruins gameplay for others, such as building a large wall or digging a large hole next to a base.
    Any small structures to assist in combat may be allowed as long as they don’t have an overly negative impact on other players.

    Extremely major cases of grief may warrant an instant 30-day blacklist.
    Inappropriate Gameplay
    7/30 day blacklist
    Drawing, writing, building, or otherwise creating inappropriate content.
    90-day/permanent blacklist
    Items removed
    Abusing any method of duplicating or spawning items to gain an advantage.
    Farming Hours
    (Stat Boosting)
    Permanent blacklist
    Unfairly increasing your clans time on a Casual server, such as using an Anti-AFK script or any exploit which increases your clans time at an abnormally fast rate.
    Chat Offences
    The following chat offences on Clans will warrant a mute (according to the regular network rules, found here) in addition to a blacklist.

    Offence + BlacklistDescription
    Abusive Behaviour
    1/7 day blacklist
    Sending a chat message in Clans which warrants a mute for Abusive Behaviour.
    Death Wishes
    14/30 day blacklist
    Sending a chat message in Clans which warrants a mute for Death Wishes.
    14/30 day blacklist
    Sending a chat message in Clans which warrants a mute for Discrimination.
    Malicious Threats
    60/90 day blacklist
    Sending a chat message in Clans which warrants a mute for Malicious Threats.
    Unapproved Transactions
    60/90 day blacklist
    Sending a chat message in Clans which warrants a mute for Scamming/Unapproved Transactions.
    Revealing Personal Information
    90-day/permanent blacklist
    Sending a chat message in Clans which warrants a mute for Revealing Personal Information.
    Hacking Offences
    Hacking offences on Clans will warrant the corresponding hacking ban (according to the regular network rules, found here) in addition to a blacklist.

    Offence + BlacklistDescription
    Unapproved Mods
    14/30 day blacklist
    Using a mod that is unapproved for use on Mineplex, or any macro that affects gameplay.
    General Hacking
    60-day/permanent blacklist
    Any form of general (non-movement-related) hacks.

    Considered a second offence if previously blacklisted for movement hacks.
    Movement Hacking
    90-day/permanent blacklist
    Using any form of movement-related hacks.

    Considered a second offence if previously blacklisted for general hacks.
    Other Offences
    The following offences are enforced only by members of the Clans Team. These offences do not fall under any of the other categories and warrant unique punishments, but may still be connected to other offences.

    Offence + BlacklistDescription
    Blacklist Evasion
    Second account blacklisted for remaining duration of original blacklist
    Playing on Clans while blacklisted on another account.

    Please note that we heavily discourage the sharing or selling/trading of Minecraft accounts.
    By giving another player access to your account or using somebody else’s account, you accept responsibility for any punishments you receive due to being linked to another player.

    Cases of excessive blacklist evasion may result in a Network Ban, issued at the discretion of the Admin+ team.
    Logging while Frozen
    1 hour blacklist
    Disconnecting from a Clans server while frozen (without a staff member’s permission).
    Hacker Assistance
    7/30 day blacklist
    Excessively providing an advantage to or gaining an advantage from hackers on repeated alternate accounts, such as exchanging gear or inviting to a clan.

    Any clan excessively gaining an advantage from hackers or rule breakers may be fully disbanded at the discretion of the Clans Management team.
    Split/Illegal Claims
    Claims Corrected
    Having two or more regions claimed which are not connected at their sides (connected by a corner is not allowed).

    Claiming multiple chunks in a way which results in one chunk being surrounded by a claim on all sides.
    VPN Use
    Permanent blacklist
    Playing Clans while connected to the server through a VPN.
    Any form of excessive/disallowed behaviour on your IP address, such as but not limited to bypassing blacklists, having an active Network Ban, VPN use, etc. may result in a permanent IP blacklist, preventing any accounts from joining Clans through your IP address.
    IP Blacklists will be issued at the discretion of the Clans Administrator.
    Posted Sep 7, 2019,
    Last edited Jan 11, 2022
  2. Hello, just posting here to inform you all that the Clans Rulebook has undergone a complete revamp! The changes we've made to the public section of the rules are visible in the post above, but there are also massive changes on the staff side of the rulebook, including detailed guidelines on evidence requirements for every offence and the correct ways for staff to handle situations. The hope is that moderation becomes much more consistent and effective as a result of this new documentation.

    We plan on making rulebook changes regularly whenever we deem necessary, and I'd like to encourage people to join the Mineplex Clans Discord Server to receive regular updates about any changes we make to rules in the future, since they won't be announced on the forums unless they're major.

    Some questions you may have:
    What do the slashes in the blacklist durations mean?
    These slashes (e.g. "7/30 day blacklist") indicate the difference in blacklist length between the first, second, and sometimes third offences (e.g. first offence is 7 days, second offence is 30 days). There are a few exceptions to this, which are included in the descriptions of the relevant offences.

    Why are lots of the rule descriptions vague/short?
    This is to avoid people loopholing certain requirements for rules, which was a major issue in the past that we hope to eliminate with the changes we've made and changes we'll make in the future. Staff members have extremely detailed guidelines for these rules, so please don't assume the vague public descriptions mean we have vague requirements.
    If you're ever confused or would like clarification about certain rules, please contact a CMA or CM member.

    How do I know which bugs are bannable if they're not listed?
    Any bug which you can execute intentionally to provide yourself with an advantage may warrant a punishment. These are all listed for staff members, however, we chose not to do so for the public because we'd rather not spread information about exploits and it also prevents loopholes. If you're unsure whether something counts as bug exploiting, don't do it! You're still free to ask any CMA or CM member for clarification.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 11, 2022,
    Last edited Jan 11, 2022
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