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Official Punishment Appeal Guide

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by Wanderer, Feb 3, 2017.

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  1. Punishment Appeal Guide

    This is a long awaited guide on how one appeals for their punishment properly. We have seen many "interesting" appeals and to make your life and our Appeals Team members' lives easier, we ask you to read through this guide thoroughly. It should address most, if not all of the questions that we are commonly asked.

    Before Appealing:

    Please understand that you are not guaranteed a pardon for your punishment. Your appeal will be accepted or rejected based on our private appeal criteria, or the sole discretion of staff in rare cases. If you are appealing a fair punishment that is 30 days or longer in length, you will need to have been punished for 1 week minimum before being able to have your appeal processed. The only exceptions to this rule are Compromised Account punishments and Inappropriate Name/Skin/Cape punishments. Failure to follow these directions may result in your appeal being cancelled or rejected instantly. With that out of the way, you need to figure out a few things:
    • Where were you punished? (E.g. In Game? Forums?)
    • Why were you punished? (E.g. Hacking? Bypassed filter? Compromised?)
    • What's your in-game name/username? (E.g. Jarvis)
    • Why do you deserve to be unpunished?
    Now the first three questions are pretty straight forward. But make sure you get them right because if you can't get the first three questions correct, it shows how little effort that you are putting into your appeal. This can lead to your appeal being cancelled or rejected right away.

    Note: If you are appealing for Clans Blacklist, please use the Clans Appeal form.

    Filling out the form:

    A detailed explanation of the questions will be provided below. But essentially, we are looking for a direct and brief answer for questions with a single line of answer space, and detailed answer in a multi-line answer space.

    Where are you punished?
    • If you are Network Banned, select In-Game Java/PC
    • Otherwise select the correct platform that is applicable to your punishment. (E.g. Forums, Discord, etc)
    Which account are you appealing for?
    • For in-game bans, provide your latest in-game name; Please also connect to either us.mineplex.com or eu.mineplex.com so that we can look up your punishment history by your latest IGN. You won't be able to login but your IGN will be refreshed in our database.
    • For Discord, provide preferably your -unapproved link- or (less preferably) your latest username with the numbers in the end. (E.g. Jarvis#3456)
    • For Forums, provide the link to your profile. (E.g. https://www.mineplex.com/members/getdirted.22/)
    • Your name is not "Super Smash Mobs". Do not write this please!
    What were you punished for?
    • Simply state the punishment reason. No extra explanation needed. E.g. [GWEN] 123456789
    • The punishment reason will be provided for you on most platforms. If you are banned in-game, the reason will be provided on the login screen. If you are muted in-game, the reason will be provided when you attempt to chat. Therefore you should not enter "I don't know" for this question. The only exception being if you were manually banned from Discord.
    Do you agree that this is a fair punishment?
    • Simply answer "Yes" if you agree with the punishment and "No" if you disagree with the punishment in accordance with the Punishment Guidelines.
    • This question is not designed to ask you if you agree with your punishment duration. The punishment duration is calculated automatically by the punishment system based on past punishment history and our staff have no input on it whatsoever.
    Have you been punished in the same category before? If so, please link us your accepted appeal if there are any.
    • You will answer "Yes" if you have been punished in the same category before. For example, if you are currently banned for [GWEN] 123456789 (which is hacking), and you have been banned for any sort of hacking offense before, whether that be flying or killaura, you will answer "Yes".
    • If you have successfully appealed for your punishment before, please link us your accepted appeal.
    • You can elaborate on why a similar punishment occurred if you stated yes. (Optional)
    Why should we revoke your punishment?
    • Please provide us with a detailed explanation on why we should pardon your punishment.
    • Include any evidence to support your claim. Check out what are valid evidences below.
    • Check out the instructions for appealing a Compromised Account below
    • Check out the instructions for appealing a Inappropriate Name/Skin/Cape below

    *Compromised Account/Bot Spam*

    You will need to appeal for compromised account when one (or more) condition is met:
    • Your punishment reason includes Compromised Account (including abbreviated form) or Bot Spam. (E.g. Bot Spam #2271, Severe Advertisement [Comp Acc])
    • You suspect that your account was used by someone else
    • You received an email from Mojang indicating your account had suspicious activity
    • If we tell you to re-appeal because your account was compromised

    To properly appeal for an un-migrated compromised account, you will need to provide us with two screenshots: 1) we need to know that you own the account; and 2) we need to know you have changed your password.

    Screenshot 1 - Proof of ownership: https://imgur.com/a/elzzzQ4
    Screenshot 2 - Proof of password change: https://i.imgur.com/ALTaveE.png (You will have to navigate to https://account.mojang.com/me/settings directly to get this screenshot. You can do this by first logging in and then visiting the link.)

    For migrated accounts, you will need to provide us with three screenshots: 1) we need to know that your Minecraft account matches up with your Microsoft account; 2) we need to know that you have changed your password; and 3) we need to know that your Microsoft email matches up with your Microsoft account name shown in screenshot 1.

    Screenshot 1 - Proof of username/Microsoft name matching: https://imgur.com/rXeF1cJ
    Screenshot 2 - Proof of password change: https://imgur.com/g0PowUD
    Screenshot 3 - Proof of email/Microsoft name matching: https://imgur.com/N91bqXr

    All screenshots should be provided under "Why should we revoke your punishment", and your password should be changed no longer than 1 month ago. If the punishment is received less than 1 month ago, your password needs to be changed less than this time period.

    Compromised Account punishments are considered justified punishments. However, you are not required to wait the 1 week minimum before appealing this punishment.
    You may have a Compromised Account punishment appealed 3 separate times, separately from any other justified punishments you may appeal.

    *Inappropriate Name/Skin/Cape*

    If you were punished for inappropriate name/skin/cape, simply change the offending name/skin/cape and then submit an appeal. You are not required to wait the 1 week minimum before appealing this punishment.

    If you disagree with the inappropriate name punishment, please discuss this with the Rules Committee Members found on the Punishment Guidelines. The RC members have the final say in regards to inappropriate names.

    If you were punished for an inappropriate Labymod cape, you will need to attach an image of your cape when appealing.

    Use this соdе to show that you have read through the Punishment Appeal Guide: coconut2021


    Once you have successfully submitted your appeal, you will have to wait patiently until one of our Appeals Team members get to your appeal. The appeals are processed in the order they are submitted. That being said, please do not PM any staff members to check your appeal as it will be ignored. You will receive further notifications when a decision is made or updates are made to your appeal. Some appeals may be put on "Pending" if further investigation is needed, and may require more time to be processed.

    **If your appeal has not been answered for more than 2 weeks, with no status change on your appeal, you may PM one of the Appeals Team members or the Forums Admin regarding it.

    ***If your appeal is denied, you may PM the staff member who rejected it to dispute the decision with evidence to backup your argument. If you are simply asking why it was denied, your PM may be ignored since we already stated it in your appeal - "did not meet criteria".

    ****Please include the link to your appeal if you are making an inquiry about it. We process many appeals on a daily basis and we won't be able to remember everyone's appeal. PMs with no link to the appeal will be ignored.

    Appeal FAQ

    You were caught hacking and were subsequently banned by our anti-cheat, namely GWEN. The numbers at the back are metadata which is used to check your ban data if needed.

    You should appeal this ban at https://www.mineplex.com/gwen-appeal

    Bans which are in a banwave may not be immediately issued at the time of hacking on the server. If you are banned in a banwave, it simply means that you are being punished for actions previously committed on the server.

    You may appeal this ban at https://www.mineplex.com/gwen-appeal if you believe it to be unfair.

    Valid evidence is something that can prove whatever you need to prove, however evidence that the player can interfere with is not something we are looking for. (E.g. chat logs) For example, ".minecraft/versions" would not be valid evidence to show that you did not hack the folders can be deleted, and/or the hacked client could be installed elsewhere.

    Here is a list of invalid evidence that should not be included in your appeal:
    • ".minecraft/versions"
    • Your YouTube channel
    • Videos that do not contain your punishment. E.g. gameplay from 2 weeks ago
    • Email showing "Password Change Request" (for compromised)
    Here is a list of valid evidence
    • Video(s) that show you were banned as you were playing legitimately
    • Emails from Mojang that are not user generated
    • Others, if you can provide valid arguments to it.
    The above lists are subject to change and should not be considered complete.

    You are allowed to appeal any punishments that are 30 days or longer in length after waiting the 1 week minimum with the exception of Compromised Account punishments and Inappropriate Name/Skin/Cape punishments, as these can be appealed at any time. You are also allowed to appeal for any false punishments with any duration given that you provide us with evidence to prove the punishment is false (excluding warnings).

    You can appeal for 2 justified punishments. You will remain banned on your third justified punishment (compromised account, hacking, inappropriate name/cape/skin, etc). If you were falsely punished by our staff or anti-cheat, it will not count towards to the 2 appeal limit.

    You will need to upload your screenshots to an image sharing website such as imgur.com, gyazo.com and more, and then paste the URL to the image in your appeal. If your link starts with "C:\", then you know you are doing it wrong as this is a screenshot in a local file directory that we will not be able to access.

    To change your Minecraft password, go to Mojang (https://account.mojang.com/me/settings) or Minecraft (https://minecraft.net/login) for un-migrated accounts. For migrated accounts, go to Microsoft (https://account.microsoft.com/security) to change your password. To provide evidence for screenshot #3 under migrated compromised accounts, go to (https://account.xbox.com/Settings?activetab=main:privacytab).

    Of course you can. However, your appeal will be judged based on the translation from Google Translate unless the staff member happens to speak that language as well. It is important note that you should refrain from using slang, and use proper grammar when appealing to avoid a bad translation. If the translation comes out as gibberish, unfortunately the appeal will be denied.

    Generally speaking, your appeal is denied because it didn't meet our criteria, and we cannot explain any further because it will involve discussing our appeal criteria. If you do feel like your punishment was not justified, please provide evidence to support your argument. But keep in mind, if you can provide evidence, you should do so in your appeal.

    Please create a new appeal and be sure to explain that you had an appeal accepted and were re-punished immediately after logging back onto the server. Please include a link to your previously accepted appeal where prompted.

    If your new punishment ends with [SR], this means you were initially punished by a Trainee who does not have full access to all punishment severity. The Trainee will then submit a SR (Staff Report) to request your punishment to be "bumped" to the correct severity, which is always higher than severity 1 with longer punishment duration.

    Chargeback related punishments are not handled via appeals. Please submit a support ticket here: https://www.mineplex.com/tickets

    If you have any questions that were not answered in this guide, please contact a member of the Forum Management team or the Forum Management Admin.
    Posted Feb 3, 2017,
    Last edited by a Moderator Feb 18, 2021
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